Trinity Holdings

From its humble beginning in Dubai, Trinity Holdings has evolved into a 3000 strong workforce providing engineering solutions in the Middle East over the past 30 years. The group has kept pace with ever changing market dynamics by expanding its product and service range, thereby establishing itself as a one stop shop for all engineering needs in numerous industries. Having marked its legacy in the United Arab Emirates by completing iconic projects and establishing reputed brands, we bring the Trinity legacy to the world.

Mission & Vision

“to engineer solutions that shape the future.”

Trinity is committed to do exactly what its mission states; the company strives to develop new technology and innovative solutions which contribute to the growth of different industries as it progresses into an ever changing future. The entire organization ensures that the commitments are kept in mind as it pursues the mission.

Our Commitments

To Customers

Over the years, the team at Trinity has challenged traditional wisdom to provide innovative solutions to their customers, irrespective of the industry. All our employees are committed to cater to every customer needs, small or big. The partners at Trinity continue to instill an attitude that encourages the members of the Trinity family to never say no to customers.

To Employees

Trinity provides whatever is necessary to its employees to ensure their wellbeing and growth. The company ensures that appropriate safety equipment is provided to ensure health and safety at workplace. In addition, it is committed to provide training to its employees to ensure their professional and intellectual growth.

To Society

Trinity's employees are trained to consider the impact of their actions within the organization and on the entire society, whether it is social or environmental.

To Growth

Trinity is constantly looking at all avenues of growth, size, geographical reach and diversification. The company's rapid growth and diverse reach in different industries is a testament to its successful, sustainable growth. With a growth strategy focused on geographical expansion, Trinity Holding’s engineers are able to provide innovative solutions while working side by side with its customers worldwide.

To Innovation

At Trinity, we take pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Trinity's innovative ways lies in its capability to reverse engineer solutions to suit the requirements of customers.